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Lexington Strip Club Exterior Gets a Facelift – Cowboys Showgirls

Cowboys Showgirls has been working on updating the look and feel of the Lexington, Kentucky strip club over the past year. We are proud of the renovations of the interior of the bar and decided to do the same to the outside of the building that we have occupied close to 50 years. We will be updating the outside of the club in phases to add more of an upscale appeal but still maintaining the laid back setting that our establishment is famous for in Lexington.

The parking lot has been refinished with a new layout of the parking spots to increase the total amount places to park your vehicle. We added new handicap parking closer to our wheelchair accessible entrance. Cowboys Showgirls has added new VIP parking to our facilities. The lot entrance has also been updated to allow for better traffic flow in and  out of the shopping center that houses our Lexington gentlemen’s club. Extra lighting has been added to provide a safer and more secure parking lot environment for our staff and customers. Overall, the improvements to the parking lot will make it easier for our patrons to safely store their vehicles while visiting us.

The roof has underwent a major overhaul to add a more updated look to the building.  Beautiful stone work has been added to enhance the overall appeal of the front of the building. New soffit lighting to highlight the exterior stone work has been added to the outside. The next phase of the renovations to the exterior of the building will make the overall appeal of the stip club more inviting to new and returning visitors. Cowboys Showgirls is far from being done with the building and we are excited for next phase of renovations.

Cowboys Showgirls Wants Your Opinion on Our Kentucky Strip Club

Cowboys Showgirls management  would love to hear your feedback on all of the remodeling we have done over the past year. And we welcome any suggestions you may have to make your experience at our Lexington strip club better for you. You can contact us at 859-293-0391 or use our online contact form.

Click the images below to see our progress.

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